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I’m glad you stopped by Dentist Greer because I have tons of information to share with you, such as the latest updates from the American Dental Association, the South Carolina Dental Association, and the Southern Association of Orthodontists. If you need information from the American Association of Orthodontists or the American Board of Orthodontics, I have that, too. I will also share the latest updates on invisalign braces and cosmetic dentistry with you. I want you to benefit from my research because when it comes to dental care in Greer SC, I’ve been there and done that! I’ve got a smile to prove it!

Every little cavity you get can turn into a major problem of decay if not taken care. But you already know that, right? That’s why you take care to clean your teeth, use dental floss, and have a regular dental care program. Dental health is something we only get one shot at, so we try our best to keep our gums in good shape to prevent gum disease and other health problems and to help prevent cavities. But if you’re guilty of neglecting your teeth, there’s no time like the present to find dentists in Greer to
get you on the right road to good oral health.

OK, so your mouth isn’t in the best of shape and you know you’ve got plaque build-up around your lower front teeth. You may even have some pain associated with tooth decay or tooth sensitivity. If that’s the case, then by all means call some Greer SC dentists and see which one can take you the quickest. Your Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) can tell you immediately which procedures need to be done to take care of your problems.

Take me for instance. I didn’t always have this pearly white smile and straight teeth. I finally got tired of looking at my awful teeth, so I made a phone call to a cosmetic dentist in Greer SC. Once I got there and sat down in the chair belonging to the dental hygienist, a whole new world opened up for me. Not only did I want teeth that had a pleasing aesthetic value, but I wanted a healthy mouth, too. My dentist pointed out several things that needed to be taken care of, such as a root canal or two to repair
fractured teeth, wisdom teeth removal, fluoride treatments, and then porcelain veneers. Fortunately I didn’t need crowns or dental implants based on his examinations and my xrays, but he immediately referred me to an oral surgeon to take out my wisdom teeth. Now oral surgery isn’t nearly as bad as you may have heard, and once they administer the sedation, you don’t have a care in the world until it’s all over and done! As for me, I was a willing patient because I didn’t want to be ashamed of my smile
any longer. Plus my dental insurance paid for most of it since the removal of my wisdom teeth was a necessity for my overall oral health.

It was a much better alternative to tooth loss and dentures. The world of general dentistry has come a long way in the last few years, and I’ve found that I have actually come to like dentists! Teeth whitening and procedures to straighten teeth are all routine procedures these days. Even tooth extraction isn’t all that bad. I had to have one jaw tooth pulled, and my knuckles turned white as I gripped the handles of the chair, but it was all in my mind. In fact, I didn’t feel a thing. My Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) made the entire process virtually painless. Dentists in Greer get big thumbs up from me!

There is also a big need for an emergency dentist – one who can see you after office hours or on weekends. I’m happy to tell you that Greer SC does have some in the area because it’s well known that pain doesn’t take a holiday or a weekend break. Ever noticed how you wake up at the most inconvenient times with a toothache? The pain is so unbearable that sometimes you can’t wait until the office opens. You need a dentist, and you need one fast! An emergency dentist in Greer SC is as near as a phone call. Trust me when I say I personally have had a need such as this, and it wasn’t that long ago. My husband and I went out to dinner with some friends one Friday night, and in the middle of my salad a filling in a back tooth came out. The sharp edges around the tooth were cutting the side of my tongue, and anything cold caused me severe pain. I thought I would be able to wait until Monday to get it repaired, but during the wee hours of the morning I was awakened with the most horrible pain I can ever remember having. My face was swollen. Even my eye was swollen almost shut. My husband made a quick call to an emergency dentist, and I got the problem taken care of at 3AM in the morning. What a relief that was!

Maybe you were born with a birth defect or you were in an accident and need the services of maxillofacial surgeons. Maxillofacial surgery corrects a wide spectrum of diseases, injuries, and/or defects in the head, face, neck, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the oral region. It’s one of the nine specialties of dentistry, and maxillofacial surgeons are usually initially qualified in dentistry, and then they have undergone further surgical training.

Looking for an orthodontist in Greer SC? Look no further than this website, Dentist Greer. Invisalign in Greer SC is easy to find, and I have the inside scoop for you. Or if you’re in need of pediatric dentistry, you will find that here, too. Soon I will have news concerning things such as the latest treatment procedures for TMJ, or which toothbrush is best for you, or the real scoop on toothpaste. Thanks for visiting Dentist Greer today. Look for those frequent updates that I promised earlier. In the very near future I will be recommending a dentist in Greer SC to you, so please bookmark this site so you can refer back to it.

Here are 5 reasons to see a dentist in Greer SC today!

Having pearly whites is something to be proud of. Yet if your smile is lacking in a few areas, then a dentist can help you get on track. Explore a few of the services this skilled professional can offer.

When you have a cavity, it can cause a lot of pain. A dentist can help alleviate the pain by first giving you an antibiotic if the gums are infected; then he or she will fill in the cavity so that you don’t experience discomfort anymore. The doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb the area, then he or she will use a special tool to perform the filling. The filling can be a silver color or you can choose a bone-colored filling so that it will look more like the natural color of your tooth.

Whitening or bleaching
Having yellow or stained teeth can be really annoying as well as embarrassing. You can brush morning and night, but if the teeth are discolored from coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, then you’re not going to have any luck by using just toothpaste. A dentist can help give you whiter teeth fast. This means you will get special trays made for you teeth. In addition, you’ll get a gel that can bleach your teeth in record time. As a result, you’ll have a noticeably whiter smile in just a few days. And depending on how long you use the bleach and the trays, your teeth will get whiter with each use.

False teeth
Sometimes, if the teeth are in such bad condition that they cannot be saved, then you will lose them. Instead of suffering with no teeth in your mouth, a good dentist will suggest false teeth. You have an array of options when considering false teeth; it just depends on your situation. Also, some people lose a tooth by accident and only need one false tooth to fill in the spot. This is usually when the doctor will give the patient a bridge. Furthermore, if the situation is really bad, but the patient doesn’t want to deal with false teeth, then he or she can get implants surgically inserted.

Whether you’re getting a checkup or are experiencing pain due to a cavity, the only way a dentist will truly pinpoint the problem is by doing an x-ray. This way he or she will be able to see what’s causing the problem. You could have an infection, cavity or wisdom teeth that are coming in. Once the doctor does the x-ray, then he or she will have a clear direction on how to proceed and you’ll be feeling better fast.

Crooked teeth can make anyone extremely self conscious. And if you’re a kid or teenager, you’re really frustrated. A good dentist can examine your mouth and either provide you with braces or refer you to an orthodontist if you need more extensive work. Best of all, there are new advances that include clear braces so you don’t have to endure the embarrassment of metal braces.

Please take the time to visit a Dentist in Greer today!

Dental Care is a Must! Dentist Greer has found some great info to make sure you are brushing your teeth properly.

It is clear to see that a lot of people today prefer to use an electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush, but is this really going to help people with their dental hygiene? Are there any scientific reasons why using an electric brush is going to yield more positive results that using your regular brush?

Well, the truth is that using an electric toothbrush is not really any better than brushing your teeth really. The problem, however, arises when people do not brush their teeth properly with a manual brush, and this is where using an electric version tends to be the better option.

There are certainly a number of benefits of using an electric toothbrush rather than your manual version. One of the main benefits is the fact that your electric brush is going to have a number of different cleaning settings that you are able to put it on. Different cleaning motions such as oscillating, rotary, and pulsating allow the user to gain a great all-around clean.

In addition to this the amount of effort that you need to go to when you clean your teeth is going to be reduced significantly. Whilst it is not particularly difficult brush your teeth manually, some people will find the relevant movements more difficult than others. Therefore these people will find it a lot easier using an electric toothbrush where you simply need to hold the toothbrush in position using the correct amount of pressure. You are even able to get certain electric brushes that will be able to tell you went too much pressure is being applied, and these are therefore fantastic at cleaning your teeth more efficiently.

If you do use a manual toothbrush and you are using it in the correct way, then there is no reason why an electric version should be any more efficient. As long as you are applying the right amount of pressure and brushing your teeth in the correct motion, you should be able to guarantee that your teeth are being cleaned as extensively as they should be.

Whichever option you choose to take, it is important that you commit to the right schedule. We are all supposed to brush our teeth twice a day at the very least – once in the morning, at once in the evening before settling into bed.

Whatever sort of toothbrush you use, if you are keeping your schedule and brushing your teeth for a couple of minutes on each occasion, you should be able to guarantee that your dental hygiene is perfectly fine.